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About Us

DoodleCraft Design is the idea of founder Debbie Harding and with the assistance of her husband Gavin, her daughter Anna and Anna’s husband Neil, the idea has become a reality. 

Debbie has enjoyed stitching from an early age and has a passion for art and design, you will always find Debbie ‘doodling’ in any spare moment and she was renowned for this when she was working. With a new found passion for Blackwork she has now started to design her own needlework patterns in Tudor style Blackwork and Cross Stitch. The result is beautiful patterns which can be enjoyed as they are or, with help from us they can be turned into other things such as decorations and board games. Needlepoint is something else that will be offered and along with Cross-stitch we will offer the ability to take customers photographs or designs and turn them into charts or kits.

We feel that there are endless options so if you have a project and you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we can help.

Debbie (Founder and Designer)

I was once given a piece of advice that I have always remembered and that is ‘if you're going to start a business start it in something that you know about and have a passion for’ so after being made redundant after 20+ years in the electronic payments industry I felt it was the right time to make DoodleCraft a reality. I love cross stitch and tapestry and so decided to look at designing my own patterns and I couldn't have done this without my good friend Allan Buckby, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for allowing me to use some of his beautiful photographs as the basis for some of my designs. I also have my family to thank for their design input and who all have cameras at the ready to capture any photographic opportunity!

In addition to the more traditional designs for cross stitch I am trying to include blackwork which is a discipline that I have only recently found and have fallen in love with. I am also taking my own 'doodles' which I have created for many years and finding a way to include these into the designs.

Anna and I suffer from HEDS (Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) and I have always used my ‘doodling’ as a way to help manage my pain, when I’m doodling it is easier to concentrate on doodling and take the focus from the pain. Please see our EDS cross stitch kits where all proceeds are donated to EDS Support UK.

Gavin (Operations)

Debbie and I have been together for nearly 25 years and other than when we’re in our garden or being with our 6 cats, in all our spare time I have rarely seen her without a pen or a needle in her hand. It got to the stage where it was easier to join her than change her and so I took up tapestry; partly as my fingers are too large for the finer cross stitch.

I have 30 years experience in Financial services, Project Management and Payments so I run the operational support and financial control sides of the business. Despite a family background full of creative and artistic talent (please see the section we have on Edmund Blair Leighton), members of the Royal Academy, musicians etc. I do not try to compete in the artistic side of the business unduly although I like to think I have a good eye.

Ordering A
Customised Games Board

We can customise any of our games boards with designs which can be chosen from our design Library, please order the customised option of the Games Board from the website and then click the Custom Games Board Order Form at the bottom of the product page to let us know which designs you would like and where, once complete please e-mail to If you have any questions then please contact us.